Hello everybody,

My name is Jesus and I am a teacher of English in secondary education in Madrid. I've been teaching English at different high schools for 16 years. I've always liked languages and I decided to study English because it's the international language of communication. 
However I also wanted to study other languages and I spent one year in Germany thanks to the Erasmus programme back in 1992,  almost at the beginning of the programme, which started in 1987. I can't actually say now that I can speak German. I haven't practised it for years, so it's rusty. 
During my teaching years I have tried to keep update and I've taken different courses on the English language, literature and history. Now it's time to use the new technologies in the teaching of languages. In these years students' interests, background, ways of learning have changed, so it's also time for teachers and teaching methods to change. Public access to lots of information, applications, computer programmes must be taken to the classroom as well and this is the idea of this blog.
I hope you enjoy it and I'm looking forward to getting your feedback.


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