lunes, 19 de marzo de 2012


  • Listen to the song "Diamonds are Forever" sung by Shirley Bassey and fill in the gaps

Animation réalisée sur le site

  • This is a dialogue between James Bond and his boss Q
Q: Look Bond, I've got a new gadget for you
007: Yes, Q, it's a radio, what of it?
Q: Ah yes, Bond, but it's no ordinary radio
  • Go on with the dialogue 

  • Now draw the radio and label it

  • Write a paragraph related to the dialogue between Q and Bond. Here is a possible beginning for your paragraph, but you can choose your own.

    • Yesterday very early in the morning, even before dawn, James Bond and Q held a secret meeting in Q's office. Q wanted to show Bond the new gadget he had for the secret agent. It looked like an ordinary radio, but...

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